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Owner/Head Master Instructor

Narcyz Latecki (雷鐵客 Lei Tieke), voted as one of the Top One Hundred Extraordinary Martial Artists of the World and Prominent Wushu Coach.
8 degree black belt, and a Honorary Master Level. Chairman and director of International Wushu Sanshou Dao Association.
1985-1997 all-around international Martial Arts Champion, 34 gold medalist in Europe and USA.
He's a first certified in Europe to test and rank students and instructors, in the International YMAA Training System.
1993 immigrated to the USA, obtaining a working visa due to his martial arts skills, and taught as head instructor at YMAA HQ in Boston.
Narcyz is a versatile practitioner, teacher, and Head Judge for United States of America Wushu Kungfu Federation - USAWKF. He has been featured in pay-per-view television and The Discovery Channel, as well as other TV shows, instructional videotapes and books on Chinese martial arts.

In October 2015 Narcyz was honored come to China as a one of the top masters from USA to participate in filming TV series "The New Legend of the Martial Arts Heroes".

In 2017 he has been featured by Beijing CCTV 10 in tv series "The Best of the Swordsman" - episode six "Big Man" 



Program Director, Master Instructor

Eva Latecki 雷愛瓦 holds a 5th level black belt (黑带五段 Wu Duan) and a second degree master level, a title that is given only to well-rounded martial arts practitioners with exceptional knowledge and skill. She began her martial arts training in Poland in 1991. In 1994, she moved to Boston, where, along with her husband, Narcyz, she continued her studies with Dr. Yang Jwingming 杨俊敏 - who is the founder of the International YMAA Training System and Grandmaster Liang Shouyu 梁守渝 - who was voted as one of the most outstanding masters and top professional coaches in China.

In 1994, she taught as assistant instructor at Yang's Martial Arts Andover, MA, and in 1996 as Children's and Adult's Instructor in Derry, NH, a provisional YMAA branch.

She has won six first place titles in the international competitions.

The book Kung Fu Elements by Liang Shou-Yu, includes her as one of the "Outstanding practitioners around the globe that are actively engaged in promoting Wushu." 

Her sword skills, on numerous occasions, were showcased in a dramatic production of The Nightingale, by Commonwealth Civic Ballet, in which she appeared as guest performer.

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