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About Us

Our martial arts training center was founded in February, 1998. Over time our school has grown and in 2004 was incorporated as Athletic Balance, LLC. In October, 2011 we relocated our studio to a new and bigger location. Over the years, our school has helped hundreds of students not only to achieve their martial arts goals, but to improve in all aspects of their lives, from self-discipline and self-respect to increased flexibility, strength and coordination. Our students cover a wide range of ages (from 6 to over 80) and expertise (beginner to advanced, as well as Grandchampion titles). We offer a basic martial arts curriculum for children and their families, as well as a more comprehensive program, for the serious martial artist. Also offered are tai chi and chi kung courses for those people whose main concern is with health and fitness. Our ultimate goal is to empower each student through focused intent to realize their unlimited potential.
Through our Martial Arts training programs our classes focus on the principles of teaching excellence and developing positive role models under rich traditions of Chinese Martial Arts, introducing to our students the values of self-control, self-discipline, personal self-defense and physical fitness for every age and ability level. Our goals are through our classes to reach the level which provides our students with a powerful foundation for emotional development and success skills that last a lifetime. Traditionally, correct Kungfu training provides an individual with an excellent method of exercise, builds strength, character, focus, flexibility, and coordination, while enhancing performance in other sports, in the workplace, at home and in school. It promotes self-esteem, goal setting abilities, anger management and the skills of non-violent conflict resolution in people of all ages, helping them to become more productive and healthy.
Regardless of personal skill or fitness level, our school has something for every age. Our instructors specialize in different areas of a wide scale of Chinese martial arts.
Although we emphasize traditional training, approaches with modern training methods are incorporated into the curriculum to fit our busy life styles and the complexities of modern life. We offer classes for kids & teens, as well as for adults. The styles taught in our school include the traditional external system of Changquan (長拳 Long Fist) also know as Bei Quan (北拳 Northern Boxing), which includes complete training for styles as Bajiquan 八極拳, Fanziquan 翻子拳, Piguaquan 劈掛拳, Chuojiao 戳腳. The Emei system 峨嵋 is also taught in our school, as well as the internal arts of traditional Taijiquan 太極拳 (Chen 陳 and Yang 楊 styles of Tai Chi Chuan), Xingyiquan (形意拳 Hsing I Chuan), Baguazhang (八卦掌 Pa Kua Chang), and Qigong (氣功 Chi Kung - for health, healing, and martial arts).
Whether you're seeking weight loss, a championship belt, personal defense, strength and endurance, deep relaxation, tumbles and high flying acrobatics kicks, or just simply a good workout, we have a program to fit your needs.

Call 978-635-1090 for more information or stop by at our studio for a free class tryout.

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