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Master Instructor

Eva Latecki 雷愛瓦 holds a 5th level black belt (黑带五段 Wu Duan) and a second degree master level, a title that is given only to well-rounded martial arts practitioners with exceptional knowledge and skill. She began her martial arts training in Poland in 1991. In 1994, she moved to Boston, where, along with her husband, Narcyz, she continued her studies with Dr. Yang Jwingming 杨俊敏 - who is the founder of the International YMAA Training System and Grandmaster Liang Shouyu 梁守渝 - who was voted as one of the most outstanding masters and top professional coaches in China.

Additionally, she studied with the following masters and grandmasters through numerous seminars and workshops:

      Maoqing Li 李茂 清 - Styles taught: Changquan (fist, weapons and matching).

      Jianye Jiang - Qigong, Bagua (solo, pushing hands & matching).

      Zhiliang Duan - Qigong, Taijiquan, Tongbeiquan.

      Xiaolin Lu - Changquan and Sword.

      Jianqiang Hu 胡坚强 - Yinjiao (Eagle), Shequan (Snake Boxing).

In 1994, she taught as assistant instructor at Yang's Martial Arts Association (YMAA) in Andover, MA, and in 1996 as Children's and Adult's Instructor in Derry, NH, a provisional YMAA branch.

She has won six first place titles in Changquan (Long Fist), Gun Shu (Staff), and Dao Shu (Saber) Divisions in the international competitions. The book Kung Fu Elements by Liang Shou-Yu, includes her as one of the "outstanding practitioners around the globe that are actively engaged in promoting Wushu." Additionally, a photographic representation of Eva's qin-na techniques is included in this volume. Her sword skills, on numerous occasions, were showcased in a dramatic production of The Nightingale, by Commonwealth Civic Ballet, in which she appeared as guest performer.

In February of 1998 Eva and her husband, Narcyz, founded their own martial arts center, CMA (Chinese Martial Arts) in Acton, Massachusetts. Specializing in teaching martial arts to children, including those with special needs, she gears her instruction to focus not only on the physical components of Wushu, but also the traditional values inherent in its philosophy. Her classes emphasize instilling confidence in the child, raising self-esteem, developing self-discipline, treating others with respect, and promoting independence in decision making.

Over the past years, CMA has helped hundreds of students with a wide range of expertise and ages ( from 4 years old to over 80), to achieve their martial arts goals and improve all aspects of their lives. Together, the Lateckis have guided their students in winning high honors in national and international competitions, scoring prominently in each competing category, taking over 300 gold medals, including Grand Champion  titles.

Top awards earned by Master Eva Latecki

in several National and International Championships:


April 29-30, 1994 Warsaw, Poland:

3rd place in Traditional Changquan 

1st place in Traditional Gun (Staff)



May 28-29, 1994 Krakow, Poland:

1st place in Traditional Changquan  

1st place in Traditional Weapons (Staff)


1994 United World Kung Fu/Wu Shu championships, Orlando

September 3-4, 1994 Orlando, FL:

1st place in Intermediate Changquan

1st place in Intermediate Staff


1996 UNITED STATES International Kuo shu Championship Tournament, Baltimore

July 27-28, 1996 Baltimore, MD:

1st place in Advanced Short Weapons (Saber)

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