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The leading source for Traditional Martial Arts

We are offering group Outdoor and Indoor Classes at our location,

and as well as private classes via Zoom or in person.

Please send us an email for more information

Classes for Kids, Teens, and Adults.

Traditional Kung Fu, Tai Chi, & More!

We have been professionally teaching Chinese Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Chi Kung since 1988.

We offer a basic martial arts curriculum for children and their families, as well as a more comprehensive program, for the serious martial artist. Also offered are Tai Chi and Chi Kung courses for those whose main concern is with health and fitness. Our ultimate goal is to empower each student through focused intent to realize their unlimited potential.


Whether you're seeking weight loss, a championship belt, personal defense, strength and endurance, deep relaxation, or just simply a good workout, this program will fit your needs.


Build strength, focus, flexibility, and coordination. Promote high self esteem, goal setting abilities, and self-defense.


The practice of Tai Chi helps the circulation in the body to build up an abundant level of internal strength, benefiting both physical and mental stamina.


What our students are saying...

Leon Woo

I have been studying and teaching Martial Arts for the better part of 4 decades with teachers from around the world and with students of all abilities. From my own experiences, Narcyz Latecki has the knowledge and expertise as one of the best teachers I have had the good fortune to learn from. His blend of history, knowledge, skill and practical application is apparent and is what first attracted me to his school.
At a more advanced level, Narcyz approaches Martial Arts as a true "art form" and is subject to individual interpretation and evolution over time. Mind-Body-Spirit always has been a way of life for me and he has enough teaching observational skill to adapt to my own abilities and understanding. This teaching skill obvious as brings out the best in his students as evidenced by his students wining championship titles in independent Kung Fu and Wushu competitions (as he has won when he competed).
The Martial Arts community is tight knit and relatively small in this area. I find that his classes have brought together a collection of students that I have had direct and indirect connections with over my martial arts and business career. From this, the spirit and passion in class is palpable and enjoyable. I look forward to class every week.
As a final note, Narcyz has an open and less formal approach for his adult classes as opposed to the traditional dogmatic approach most martial arts schools exhibit (not to say tradition and dogma are not needed in children's classes!). When I met Narcyz 6 years ago, I asked him if I should address him as "Sifu" to which he replied, "No, Narcyz is fine..." From my own historically dogmatic training, I found it difficult for me not to show him more respect. He mentioned to me that in Chinese tradition, he would have to accept me as a student before I am allowed to address him as Sifu... With the utmost respect, Narcyz it is!

Rudolph Buck

I’ve been a student at the school for almost 17 years. I came with limited manual dexterity, strength and balance issues due to the effects of a neurological disorder. I was looking for a way of working around these issues. I found that here. I started with Taijiquan and Qigong. Over time progressing to taking Kung Fu instruction. Under the patience guidance of the instructors I’ve come a long way in dealing with my physical issues. My experience here has made a big difference in my life.

Kathy Stevens

I have been a tai chi student at the school for about 20 years. Narcyz is a dedicated, patient and knowledgeable teacher who is passionate about martial arts.

Ken S.

I have studied martial arts since I was eight years old. I knew of Chinese Martial Arts (Athletic Balance, LLC) since 1998. When my son was old enough, I took him to the only person that I wanted teaching the martial way and that is Narcyz and Eva. I am particular. Narcyz is world class and he is in our backyard. His depth and the price he paid in effort and pain to learn his craft is rare. Martial arts teachers DO NOT come through the same systems as they did in the past. So many are tournament Cobra Kai heroes which focus on the sport aspect. When someone diminishes the human development aspect of a martial art and focuses on the external then they are teaching people to be dysfunctional. True martial artists help people evolve to be the best they can be. That is Chinese Martial Arts.

John Lee

This is a rare gem - true, authentic Northern style kung fu. Narcyz Latecki has an encyclopedic knowledge of Chinese martial arts, and is generous in sharing what he knows in a humble manner.

Daniela Caride

Wonderful teacher, positive energy, great group of students. Athletic Balance is such a great place to practice Yang and Chen styles of Tai chi, and I am sure Kung fu as well, even though I haven’t tried it yet. It is a happy place and a refuge to me.

The Krypton Gaming

Amazing place and instructor. The other students are nice and in general the people are kind. Mr. Latecki is a great person to learn fun. I have been going there for almost 6 years. I still am having so much fun and learning many amazing things. Definitely a good recommendation to anyone wanting to do martial arts.

Lin Zhang

Both my kids have been studying martial arts with Narcyz for several years and they love his classes so much. They have learned a lot from their master Narcyz and always are eager to come to his classes. Narcyz has been such a wonderful master for not only teaching kids the techniques but also the spirits of the martial arts- hardworking, persistence, teamwork, respect and appreciation. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful martial art master nearby.

Shauna Goulet 

I attended CMA from the time I was 8 years old until I was 18 and left town to attend college. I absolutely loved my time at this school and highly recommend it! The Kung-Fu classes are fun and well rounded in their material, and provide excellent training. My time at this school also taught me core values and life lessons including respect, kindness, a drive to learn, strong work ethic, and the ability to set a goal and to strive for it. I miss attending these classes! I am very grateful for my time there.

Master Narcyz and Master Eva have operated their school as the signature source of traditional Chinese martial arts in Massachusetts since 1998. 

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