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Thunder Yoga

Lei Shi San Cai Gong三才


Thunder Yoga (San Cai Gong) is a powerful, revolutionary joining of the movements of Qigong (Chi Kung) and Hatha Yoga. These traditional methods, which originated in Tibet and China, are rooted in Buddhist and Taoist health-enhancing teachings. San Cai means "The Three Powers or Treasures", and refers in Chinese culture to the three powers of Heaven (Tien), Earth (Di), and Man (Ren). Gong is a short term for Qigong. This system emphasizes the art of gentle motion: rocking, stretching, spiraling, and vibrating of the spine. Students will learn ways of exercising the spine to stimulate the internal organs, gently increasing balance and flexibility. Relaxation is enhanced with Mantras, Tantric meditations and self-massaging techniques. It's an easy to learn system of well-combined exercises that affect the whole body, emotions and mind, arousing oneís perception, wisdom and intention. The focus is more on breathing than extreme flexibility.

Thunderís blast pierces the dense clouds, releasing life-giving rain to the parched earth beneath. Thunder Yoga, by a similar use of condensed energy, floods through blockages in the body. Just as the air is cleansed and energized after a thunderstorm, so, too, the practitioner of this yoga is renewed and refreshed physically, mentally and emotionally.

These exercises stimulate the seven key chakras, which, in turn, activate all the glands of the endocrine system, vital for the bodyís overall functioning.

[ Improves physical strength, stamina and balance

 [ Increases energy level

  [ Slows the aging process


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