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Master Narcyz Latecki Awarded Top One Hundred Extraordinary Chinese Martial Artists of the World

In 2008 Mr. Latecki was voted one of the Top One Hundred Extraordinary Martial Artists of the World and Prominent Wushu Coach, receiving an officially registered certificate approved by the Evaluation Committee of the World Culture Science Academe and International Wushu Sanshou Dao Association, a highly regarded global organization of Wushu experts. This award was to show recognition for his outstanding achievements in teaching and training in Chinese martial arts.

Along with this honor, Mr. Latecki was included in the publication, In the Spirit of the 2008 Olympics: Extraordinary Chinese Martial Artists of the World, with a brief biography and photos. This book was timed to coincide with the Olympics of 2008 in Beijing, China to promote acknowledgement of Chinese martial artists who have made unique contributions to the Wushu community. It features such famous martial artists as his teachers, Shouyu Liang and Jwing-Ming Yang, as well as other renowned masters and grandmasters such as Xu Cai (First Chairman, International Wushu Federation), Wang Jurong, Wu Chengde, Wu Bin, Li Junfeng, Zhang Wen-guang, Jiang Haoquan, Cai Longyun, and Aiping Cheng, along with the celebrated martial arts film stars Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Hu Jiangqiang.

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