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Chi Kung 氣功

Qigong is the ancient art of cultivating Qi (氣 intrinsic energy) for health, longevity, martial skill, and spiritual development. Rooted in Chinese medical theory, qigong is used today by tens of millions of people worldwide for health maintenance, sports training, and outpatient treatment for many diseases, including cancer. For health purposes, the goal of one’s training is to learn how to maintain smooth Qi circulation in the twelve Qi channels and how to fill the eight Qi vessels with an abundant level of Qi. As a martial artist, you also learn how to apply the Qi to the techniques to make them more powerful and effective. That means combining the internal energy and the external physical body into one.

There are many types and sets and methods of Qigong practice which developed through the years in China. Our school offers classes for:

[ Medical Qigong 醫療氣功

[ Daoist 道家氣功

[ Buddhist 佛家氣功

[ Martial Arts Qigong  武術氣功






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