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  • On October 28-29, 2011 we were privileged to host Master Ping Zhen Cheng  for two seminars. His  extensive knowledge and experience with Martial Arts and Qigong made this a unique and valuable learning experience  for attending students.

          This two day workshop cover the following four techniques: 


1. Deep Melting Relaxation - combines the essence of Taoist & Tibetan Meditation with self-hypnosis: improves sleeping quality & the immune system by nurturing the brain and the meridians. Students will also learn to gradually form in-depth inner-dialogues between different layers of the being through re-directing & reprograming the energy and inner consciousness system based on Chinese & Tibetan traditional medicine principles. 

2. Chakra & Personality Transformational Skills:  Recognizing the differences & applying them in meditation:  Different levels of the TRUE SELF and the False self; True and False forms of Energy, Prana, or Qi; True emotional patterns & False emotional patterns.
3.The key of Inner Balance -Lymph node cleansing with self-acupressure, meditation & visualization, 14 segments to cover all major lymph regions.

4. The Core of the Tibetan Meditation System - The combined teachings of Dzogchen & Mahamudra:
    a. Intro to the 12 levels of the Mahamudra from the point of transpersonal psychology.
    b. Practicing the 3 core teachings of Dzogchen: “Natural Detachment, Natural Illumination, & Natural Manifestation”

For part 4, recommend reading any TWO of the following books:
 When Things Fall Apart
by Pema Chodrom, or any title by Krishnarmurti, Charlotte Joko Beck or Ken Wilber.


Ping Zhen Cheng is currently the director of Zen (Chan) Studies at Beijing's Zhuntifa Dharma College.  It is China's   first online Buddhism Studies College.  His lineage is from both Chan & Tibetan Buddhism & and he is the founder    of Taichizen International. This organization is a network of more than 50 schools throughout the US and China which teaches Enlightenment Studies including "Taichizen".  As a US citizen, Ping returned to China after the Sichuan Earthquake of 2008 to teach an integrated spiritual work of Soto Zen, Yunmen Zen, Dzogchen and transpersonal hypnosis. He has also taught at Guangji Temple in Bejing-China Buddhism Institute, Shambala International, as well as many other institutes throughout Asia & the US.  His other accomplishments include serving  as director of Physical Arts Dept. for the New York College of Health Professions, Graduate School of Oriental Medicine in Syosett, NY where he lectured on Chinese Medicine, and Qigong. He also developed a Medical Tai Chi curriculum based on Oriental Medicine principles. It was  the first of its kind in US.


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