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Kevin Manning holds a 3rd level black belt (黑带 San Duan) in the International Wu Shu San Shou Dao (IWSD). He began his martial arts training in 1984, studying Shaolin Kenpo Karate in Natick, MA under Mark Raposo, a sixth degree black belt and Lori Whitlock, a fourth degree black belt. Until 1994, he was actively participating in competitions mostly competing in full contact fighting, winning in the top three places; also during this time he achieved a second degree black belt. In 1999 Kevin began his practice with Narcyz at Chinese Martial Arts of Acton. In 2002 he started competing in Barehand forms and weapons categories. His favor styles are Bajiquan, Fanziquan, Emei system, and weapons: Saber, Kuan Dao, Staff and Double handed sword.

He has won three first places titles for his Bajiquan in Long Fist Divisions in the international competitions.

Kevin has bean assisting ant teaching adult Kung Fu classes at Chinese Martial Arts of Acton since 2002.
  • Top awards earned by Kevin Manning in the International Championships:

  • SECOND New England International Chinese Martial Arts Tournament          - November 1-3, 2002 in Connecticut:

  • -          1st place in Traditional Changquan 

  • Greater Hartford International Chinese Martial Arts Tournament

  • - May 14-15, 2005 in Connecticut:

  • -          1st place in Advanced Traditional Changquan  

  • -          2nd place in Advanced Short Weapons (Saber)



  • Second International Chinese Martial Arts Tournament in Connecticut

  • - May 19-21, 2006:

  • -          1st place in Advanced Changquan

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