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International Shushu Sanshou Dao Association

The IWSD Association is a vehicle for members to learn new skills and to improve their martial arts ability. It functions as a bridge for martial artists all over the world to learn and share their knowledge, and to develop greater camaraderie between martial artists. The IWSD Association recognizes and encourages the uniqueness of various styles and traditions, but considers the cultivation of an individualís ability more important than the distinction that divides one style or tradition from another. Our goal includes transcending the boundaries between styles to allow for the integration of a highly practical and versatile system of martial skill.

As there is no one person or culture that is better than the next, there is also no one tradition or style of martial arts, qigong, or Taijiquan that is better than the next. The only thing that distinguishes the quality of one tradition or system from another, is the hard work and effort invested by the individuals themselves. Regardless of the tradition or style that you currently practice, we welcome you, and look forward to a mutually beneficial learning and sharing experience.

The IWSD Association training consists of six major components:

1. Free sparring techniques

2. Take down and ground fighting techniques

3. Taiji (Tai Chi) Push Hands techniques

4. Qinna (Chin Na) and pressure point attack

5. Internal energy (qigong) training

6. Martial art routine training

The IWSD Association includes both non-rank and ranked members. The non-rank members include Distinguished Members and Associate Members. The Distinguished Members are people who are supporting and promoting the IWSD Association with their time and energy, and/or monetary contribution. Associate Members consist of new members that are not yet ranked, and members that only wish to study selected components of the six major components outlined in the IWSD Association training.

There are nine black belt levels in the IWSD Association. The prerequisite for attaining the First Level Black Belt rank is a satisfactory mastery of the six major components outlined in the IWSD Association training. Advancement in rank beyond the First Level requires both improved skill in each of the six components, as well as, the indication of the ability to integrate them into free sparring. An outline of the requirements for each level are described as follows:

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