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Master Instructors

Narcyz Latecki 雷鐵客       Eva Latecki 愛瓦




Gallery of Masters and Grandmasters

These are the names of all his great teachers, who have been very generous with passing on and sharing their skills, as well as being Narcyz's major influences and inspiration on the path of the tradition and lineage which he respectfully follows:

Grandmaster Liang Shouyu 梁守渝

Grandmaster Yang Jwingming 杨俊敏

Grandmaster Ma Xianda 馬賢達

Grandmaster Wang Ju Rong 王菊蓉

Grandmaster Li Maoqing 李茂清

Master Ping Zheng Cheng 程平真

Master Li Yongqian

Master Yang Tienchun 田春

This gallery is in honor of the masters who have served as an inspiration to the martial arts world. These great men have been district influences on the tradition and lineage which we respectfully follow.

Great Grandmaster Ma Fengtu 馬鳳図

Great Grandmaster Ma Yingtu 馬英圖

Great Grandmaster Sun Lu Tang 孫禄堂

Great Grandmaster Wang Ziping 王子平

Great Grandmaster Han Qingtang 韓慶堂


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