Past Events

In April, 2006 Narcyz Latecki was invited by Enlightened Martial Studies in New York to give two workshops in Xing Yi Quan and Tongbei Bian Gan (Short Staff).


Xing Yi Quan (形意拳 Hsing I Chuan)

(This workshop was given in two parts)

First part covered reviewing Xingyi foundation:

  1. 1. San Ti Shi (三體勢 Three Body Posture)
  2. 2. Wu Xing Quan (五行拳 Five Elements Fist):
  3.         -    Pi Quan (劈拳 Splitting Fist); Zhuan Quan (鑽拳 Drilling Fist); Beng Quan (崩拳 Smashing Fist); Pao Quan (炮拳 Pounding Fist); Heng Quan (横拳 Crossing Fist)
  1. 3. Wu Xing Lian Huan Quan (五行連環 Five Element Linking Fist Sequence)

The second part of the workshop covered learning two person matching drills:

  1. 1. San Shou Pao ( Three Hand Cannon):
  2.         -         Pi Quan (劈拳 Splitting Fist); Beng Quan (崩拳 Smashing Fist); Pao Quan (炮拳 Pounding Fist)
  3. 2. Shuang Ren Huo Bu Lian Xi (2 Person Basic Moving Drill):
  4.         -    Wu Xing Xian Ke - Ding Bu (五行相克 - 定步 Five Element Mutual Conquest - Stationary)
  5.         -    Wu Xing Xan Ke - Dong Bu ( 五行相克 - 動步 Five Element Restraining Set - Moving)


Tongbei Short Staff (鞭杆 Bian Gan)

This workshop covered Bian Gan Wu Yin (五阴 Five Hands Changes), Qi Shou (七手 Seven Hands), and a few single training forms from Shi San Fa (十三法 13 Forms), which is the basic essence, and  core foundations of Bian Gan techniques. The class also covered whip staff martial  applications.





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